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Every year since the inaugural World Series of Beer Pong ten years ago there have been a collection of events that have taken place from around the country.  These events often considered Mid-Majors/Majors range from $5,000 to $100,000 in tournament prize pools.  Never before have you been able to visit one site and view all of these Tournament Champions, until now!  We at have compiled lists for every known $5k, $10k, AC Championship, and World Series of Beer Pong with the final table participants.

The World Series of Beer Pong(Doubles)

WSOBP Winning Team Opponent Game Videos
I Team France(Nick Velissaris/Jason Coben) Slippery Fetus(Josh Deford/Mike Sciame) Game 1
II We Own Your Face(Antonio Vassilatos/Aniello Guerriero) PWN Train(Aaron Mason/PARTNER) Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
III Chauffeuring The Fat Kid(Jeremy Hughes/Mike Orr) Iron Wizard Coalition(Christopher Baker/Mike Hulse) Game 1
Game 2
IV Smashing Time(Mike Popielarski/Ron Hamilton) Getcha Popcorn Ready(Brian Nentwig/Joe Radesco)
V Smashing Time(Mike Popielarski/Ron Hamilton) Since Sliced Bread(Andy Decaluwe/Vince Bulhuis) Game 1
Game 2
Game 3
VI Standing Ovation(Nick Syrigos/Dan Range) Unstoppable Since Inception(Deryck Weaver/Christopher Gravel) Game 1
Game 2
VII Seek N Destroy(Ross Hampton/Matt White) Who The Fuck Is Bobby Williams(Chris Kingsbury/Christopher Cross) Game 1
Game 2
Game 3
VIII DSSWC(Michael Seivert/Byron Findley) Smashing Time(Michael Popielarski/Ron Hamilton) Game 1
Game 2
IX Jurassic Pong(Hunter Kelly/Mark Pettitt) Blitzkrieg(Brandon Marx/Kevin Kessler) Game 1
Game 2
Game 3
X Pity The Fool(Kris Fraser/Mike Vitello) Wetback Wasted(James Alanis/David Talamantez) Games 1 - 3
XI History in the Making(Michael Popielarski/Brandon Clarke) Blitzkrieg(Brandon Marx/Kevin Kessler) Games 1 - 2
XII Blitzkrieg(Brandon Marx/Kevin Kessler) White Girl Wasted(Mark Pimentel/Aaron Smith)
XIII Find out Summer ‘18 Westgate Resort and Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada

The World Series of Beer Pong East vs West

WSOBP Winning Team Opponent Game Videos
III Mike Farley/Partner
IV Brian Nentwig/Joe Radesco Jeff Barnes/Adam Darvick
V Mike Wan/Gary K Dan Range/Zach Gilkison
VI Jon Basile/Jason Chichester Michael Seivert/Byron Findley
VII Austin Lanham/Jordan McAllister Rickey Shepard/Travis Carl
VIII Ross Hampton/Dane Ellis Cameron Chappel/Adrian Gonzalez
IX Ross Hampton/Nick Syrigos Joe G/Partner
X Hunter Kelly/Ryan Rossell Scott Frew/Keith Yackley
XI Chris Kingsbury/Sven Anderson Micheal Squires/Mike Gramer
XII Donnie Jones/Eric Lewis Brandon Marx/Brad Mosdell

The World Series of Beer Pong Men’s Singles

WSOBP Winning Player Opponent Game Videos
V Jason Chichester Kevin Kessler Game 1
Game 2
VI Kevin Kessler Nick Syrigos
VII Ross Hampton Joe Giammarino
VIII Brad Mosdell Joe Giammarino
IX Brandon Marx Brendan Dyelle Game 1
Game 2
X Brent Saale Mike Wan
XI Ross Hampton Brandon Marx
XII Brandon Marx Sven Anderson

The World Series of Beer Pong Women’s Singles

WSOBP Winning Player Opponent Game Videos
VI Ariel Albright Teddie Mendibles
VII Brandi Wrathall Jen Lee
VIII Candi Sq Victoria Jones
IX Brandi Wrathall Candi Sq
X Heather Lynn Roxanne Lily’em
XI Candi Sq Brandi Wrathall
XII Priscilla Kusmierz Heather “Mook” Mendez

Atlantic City Championships(Doubles)

WPT AC Winning Team Opponent Game Videos
I Smashing Time(Mike Popielarski/Ron Hamilton) Pongtracker STL(Nick Syrigos/Piotr Wianecki) Final Game
II DSSWC(Michael Seivert/Byron Findley) Welcome To The Jungle(Deep Chakrabarty/Ron Hamilton) Game 1
Game 2
III East Coast Elite(Kyle Williams/Vince Catizone) Carroll County(Austin Lanham/Jordan McAllister)
IV Ask About Us(Kevin Kessler/Deep Chakrabarty) Beginner’s Luck(Chris Petrocelli/Nick Barbera)

WPT Atlantic City Championships(Singles)

AC Winning Player Opponent Game Videos
I Michael Popielarski Nick Manfredo
II($50) Kevin Kessler Michael Seivert/Kyle Williams
II($100) Michael Popielarski Nick Syrigos
III Michael Seivert Thomas Reap
PONG OPEN Michael Popielarski Lenny O’Rourke
IV Deep Chakrabarty Kevin Kessler

$10,000+ Championships

Tournament Winning Team Opponent Game Videos
Socal Open Doin’ Hella Much(Jason Hershfield/Jerrod Birmingham) Hood Fresh Paint Job(Michael Seivert/Joe Sorensen)
Drunken Bear Running Riot(Zach Gilkison/Joey Moler) Bangerang(Thomas Reap/Kris Fraser) Game 1
Game 2
The Return to Mesquite Larger Than Life(Michael Seivert/Jerrod Birmingham) Standing Ovation(Nick Syrgios/Dan Range)
Midnight Madness Black Mambas(Rickey Shepard/Sam Henshaw) Zona(Zack Luckey/Nathan Cunningham)
ECBPC 2011 Bangerang(Thomas Reap/Kris Fraser) Moment of Truth(Kevin Kessler/Vince Catizone)
US Pong Open On To The Next Cup(Shane Shep/Kilder Cardona) This Is Your Nightmare(Mike Vit/Matt O’Neill)
Spring Classic 2012 Blitzkrieg(Brandon Marx/Kevin Kessler) X’s and O’s(Ricky Posada/Lenny O’Rourke)
ECBPC 2012 Blitzkrieg(Brandon Marx/Kevin Kessler) Chris Kingsbury/Kyle Williams
Spring Classic 2013 Flawless Victory(Ross Hampton/Nick Syrigos) Just Like Betty Crocker(Johnny Fourdyce/Matt White)
The Masters $100k Flawless Victory(Ross Hampton/Nick Syrigos) Splash Hawk Down(David Glaser/Dante Yell)
ECBPC 2013 Provocative(Hunter Kelly/Jeff Gillen) The Best You Never Heard Of(Brent Saale/Tyler Baldwin)
Spring Classic 2014 Blitzkrieg(Brandon Marx/Kevin Kessler) Rob Dix/Daniel Fox
Biggest Little City $10K Clockwork(Mark Pimentel/Casey Costa) North Meets South(Brandon Marx/Brad Mosdell)
VA10K Flawless Victory(Ross Hampton/Nick Syrigos) Lost Boyz(Hunter Kelly/Thomas Reap)
ECBPC 2014 Bitches Love A Wiener(Jason Mushinski/Dane Schwarz) Urinal Cakes(Jeff Gillen/Chris Mustico)
Spring Classic 2015 Overkill(Brandon Marx/Ross Hampton) Drinkin’ Smokin’ Straight West Coastin’(Michael Seivert/Byron Findley)
Battle at the Beach 2($20,000) Blitzkrieg(Brandon Marx/Kevin Kessler) Tipsy Not Trashed(Chris Kingsbury/Sven Anderson)
WCC 2015($20,000) Ya Lawst(Justin Spurrier/Ryan Smith) Blitzkrieg(Brandon Marx/Kevin Kessler)
ECBPC 2016($40,000) Tipsy Not Trashed(Chris Kingsbury/Sven Anderson) Blitzkrieg(Brandon Marx/Kevin Kessler)
Spring Classic 2016 Blitzkrieg(Brandon Marx/Kevin Kessler) Pretty Sneaky(Casey Costa/Branden Moyle)
Battle at the Beach 3 Ross Hampton/Brent Saale History in the Making(Micheal Popielarski/Brandon Clarke)
West Coast Championships VI Ya What?  Ya Shook!(Brandon Marx/Sven Anderson Corey Sandoval/David Diaz
Spring Classic 2017 Blitzkrieg(Brandon Marx/Kevin Kessler) Dead Wrong(Brandon Clarke/Brandon Williams)

$5,000 Championships

Tournament Winning Team Opponent Game Videos
Pongleague Peter Rusch/Bryan Newell Sean Coen/Tim Naillieux
ECBPC 2010 Vince Bulhuis/Jason Chichester Austin Lanham/Sean Foster Games 1 - 3
WPT Jon Basile/Garrett Malise Kyle Williams/Vince Catizone
SJ Pong Size Matters(Mike Popielarski/Dan Altizio) Jon Basile/Vince Catizone
Breakers All Day(Eric Castro/Jeremy Hughes) Sean Coen/Mike Watt
AABP/Blondies A Case of the Herbies(Jason Hershfield/Danny Kirby) Sweet Tea(Brandon Marx/Chris Gracia) Game 1 - 2
Norcal Shootout DSSWC(Michael Seivert/Byron Findley) First Round Knockout(Brandon Marx/Mark Pimentel)
WCC 2011 DSSWC(Michael Seivert/Byron Findley) All Night(Chris Boyce/Dan Smith)
Southern Quest Best of the Best(Ross Hampton/Ricky Posada) Rob Who?(Rob Dix/Ricky Posada)
Southwest Championships I’d Rather Eat Glass Than Repeat With Shane Grove(Brandon Marx/Arnold Colella) Cheech and Pong(Edan Hemphill/Corey Bareford)
WCC 2012 Flawless Victory(Ross Hampton/Nick Syrigos) Ross Hampton/Mike Popielarski
St. Louis $5k Overkill(Brandon Marx/Ross Hampton) Bracket Busters(Brandon Marx/Johnny Fourdyce)
WCC 2013 Ross Hampton/Mike Seivert Pretty Sneaky(Casey Costa/Branden Moyle)
Midwest Elite $5k Tom Capobres/Dane Ellis Nick Velissaris/Andy DeCaluwe
WCC 2014 First Round Knockout(Brandon Marx/Mark Pimentel) Two Cold Ass Niggas Named Snoop(Dante Yell/Randy Mowen)
Utah Summer Championships First Round Knockout(Brandon Marx/Mark Pimentel) TD4W(Kyle Eller/Josh Schwent)
Northwest Championships North Meets South(Brandon Marx/Brad Mosdell) Seek and Destroy(Ross Hampton/Matt White)
LABP $5k TNT(Sven Anderson/Chris Kingsbury) Lou Mantone/Chris Kingsbury

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