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Beer pong has recently been crippled by a plague.  A plague of poorly run tournaments, that cause distrust and implosion among the beer pong community.  All too often players have invested time and money into tournaments that are under-managed and not paid in full.  Tournament “organizers” are biting off more than they can chew, assuming that running a tournament consists of getting a couple tables together and a hand written bracket.  With this in mind Pongstars introduces the Pongstars stamp of approval.  With this approval, a player can breathe easy knowing that the tournament they have put aside time and money to attend will live up to the promised experience.  If all organizers produced an OGP, SWBP, or ECBP experience, this would not be necessary, but with a deteriorating level of professionalism, beer pong needs a shock from the defibrillator.  Pongstars has always been aiming to make this sport better than it has ever been, but we need to start by getting back to where pong once was.  With better tournaments, players may once again feel safe playing more often, allowing for more and bigger tournaments.

In order to make this new initiative a possibility, any event that officially receives a “Pongstars Approved” seal will not only be guaranteed by the tournament organizer, but by Pongstars LLC as well.  What this means is that in the event the organization can not produce the advertised prize pool, Pongstars will make it right by supplying the necessary items/funds that are missing.  The requirements that would need to be met are as follows:

  1. Organizers must supply all tournament information
      - Dates/Times, Structure, Payouts, Incentives, Venue, and so forth
  2. Prize Pools:
      - Cash Tournaments:
        - Supply 50% of the total prize pool upon event submission via Paypal
      - Satellite Tournaments:
        - Provide invoices from BPong.com for proof of purchase for the bids associated with       the tournament being submitted.
  3. Abiding by all other rules and regulations stated in the contractual agreement between Pongstars.net LLC and the organization holding the event.

The overall purpose of this program will be providing a way to hold all organizers responsible for their actions as well as helping them promote/increase attendance to their event with the added security from Pongstars.  This will also put the organizers who have caused us to go to these lengths in a position to reevaluate the way they produce their events.  Other benefits to this program can be found below:

  • To eliminate untrustworthy organizers and non-guaranteed events
  • To teach organizers how to host the most efficient/beneficial events possible
  • To help promote “approved” events to maximize attendance
  • To supply players with the promise that the event will be paid out in full as advertised and in a timely manner

Any organization that would like more information about this program or would like to submit an event of theirs can contact Brandon Marx on Facebook and/or email bmarx@pongstars.net

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