The World Series of Beer Pong IX Tournament Predictions

Pongstradomus strikes again as breaks down their WSOBP IX Top 16 predictions................

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WSOBP IX “Pongtroversey”

The EAST COAST INSIDER brings more rumors to life with "Breaking News" regarding some top tier talent from the NJ/NY area........

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Pongstars Approved

The new initiative to bring forth a more stable tournament environment for all of the dedicated players that keep this community strong......

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2013 Beast of the East Showdown

The EAST COAST INSIDER breaks down how he feels the Beast of the East will end come Sunday evening.....

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Professional Beer Pong; Through My Eyes

What does Professional Beer Pong mean to Maryland Beer Pong's own Andressa Carter Wainwright? Read the newest installment to find out!

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This event will be happening December 6th-8th. We are sending as many people we can to the World Series and…

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